Texas: Creating Market Potential to Lead in Clean Energy Solutions


The State of Texas leads the United States as a wind energy producer; however, their greenhouse gas emissions are also among the highest. The good news?  Texas is also creating a marketspace which rewards innovation in moving clean energy forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Texas leads in wind energy production, carbon capture & storage, and direct air capture
  • Texas also leads the U.S. in greenhouse gas production as a state
  • Further deregulation is necessary to open the market to wide-scale investments in renewable energy technology

Path to 100% Perspective

Texas has a lot of unique elements going in its favor – everything from its bipartisan efforts to clearing a path for renewables to how its market is controlled “in house” by ERCOT – thus allowing the Lone Star State to continue being a renewable leader.  The way forward for Texas goes beyond a stable climate future, though, as it’s also about new jobs and an influx of investment.  Read about the choices, options, and the forward-thinking Texas is embracing at  “The credible case for Texas and its clean energy solutions,” as published on The Hill