Pennsylvania Economic Playbook Calls for Repurposing Closed Coal Plants


The state of Pennsylvania takes the initiative to repurpose large swaths of land formerly occupied by coal plants as part of an economic redevelopment program benefiting local communities impacted by plant closures.

Key Takeaways

  • PA’s gas boom has accelerated the closing of 14 coal plants since 2005
  • Federal POWER initiative is a key strategy to create jobs & rebuild workforce
  • “It can be an environmental and an economic win,” says the state’s energy office

Path to 100% Perspective

14 coal plants have closed since 2005, so this program acts as a buffer against the negative economic tidal wave which may follow legacy power plants going offline.  Often on rivers with easy access to railways, roads and transmission lines – these sites are ripe for redevelopment.  Learn more about how the state of Pennsylvania is accomplishing this (and some challenges they face) in the article “Pennsylvania promotes playbook for redeveloping former coal plant sites,” as published on Energy News Network