Wisconsin’s Alliant Energy to Build 1,000 MW of Solar by end of 2023

Already having pledged to cut 80% of its emissions by 2050, Alliant Energy is adding to its current wind-based renewables energy generation portfolio by expanding into solar –  with a project able to support over 1,500 construction jobs while generating $9 million a year in revenue.


Key Takeaways:

  • This project is Alliant’s first large-scale foray into solar and equals 10 times Wisconsin’s current total solar generation
  • Alliant cited economics, customer sustainability wishes, and advances in renewable tech as key drivers in its decision
  • Many environmental groups have applauded this decision, as Alliant is moving swiftly into renewables


Path to 100% Perspective:

Part of a wider range of renewables that are integrated in the Alliant portfolio, this 1GW facility joins a growing amount solar coming to fruition in Wisconsin.  What also makes this project notable is that it will do this while using far less than 1% of all of Wisconsin’s harvested croplands, meaning that it limits impacts on the farming community.  Read the full story on Madison.com entitled “Alliant to build 1 gigawatt of solar generation in Wisconsin; 10 times state’s current generation.”