The Key to Unlocking 100% Renewables

As cities, states and countries make tough choices about cleaning up their power systems, they need to rely on sophisticated models. In this episode, Path to 100% community expert David Millar, General Manager for Utility Market Development at Wärtsilä North America, Joe Ferrari and Greentech Media hosts take a look how utilities are planning for the 100 percent renewable energy future and power systems modeling 

Wärtsilä leads discussion of policy issues affecting California’s push for 100% clean power

If California is to reach its renewable energy and emission targets as quickly and inexpensively as possible, some key policy issues will need to be addressed. Energy experts will explain the issues as outlined in an updated white paper during a webinar, Advancing California’s Faster, Cheaper Path to 100% Renewable Power, hosted by Wärtsilä on 5 May 2020.
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