Waste to deliver green hydrogen in California

At-a-Glance: Ways2H, a global producer of renewable hydrogen, and Ford, Bacon & Davis, a leader in energy facility engineering, procurement and construction, will design and build modular waste-to-hydrogen facilities in California in the final quarter of 2020. Other facilities throughout the country are planned in 2021 to produce renewable hydrogen fuel for customers in the Read more →

Ditching fossil fuels once and for all

At-a-Glance: Ambitious renewable energy goals are vitally important in a changing energy landscape. However, if states and utilities want to ditch fossil fuels, they must enact plausible, specific plans and policies that allow them to meet end-goal renewable targets and make the renewable transition process easier and more affordable. According to a new Wärtsilä study, Read more →

The 2nd Life Of Used EV Batteries

The fate of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles (EVS) is an important issue for manufacturers, policymakers and EV owners to address. The economic potential for battery reuse, or “second life,” could help decrease the upfront costs of EV batteries and increase the value of a used EV. Read more →