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Q&A Series: David Millar highlights areas of opportunity in U.S. renewable energy sector

David Millar leads Ascend Analytics consulting practice, providing utility clients with expertise in risk-based long-term resource planning, energy regulation, policy, strategy, economics, analytics, and decision analysis. Please describe yourself and your work. David: I lead Ascend Analytics’ resource planning practice. We work with utilities and other retail load serving entities to plan their energy supply Read more →

Q&A Series: Mike Grim discusses the renewable plan in Texas and how the U.S. can lead the way in renewables

Mike Grim is an energy executive with over 40 years of experience with public power utilities, investor-owned utilities, state legislatures, local, state and federal regulatory agencies, lobbyists, and a joint energy action agency. His chief expertise is in project management, strategic planning, operations, energy portfolio management and trading, sustainability, external affairs, and business/economic development. Question: Read more →

Q&A Series: Alejandro Alle discusses importance of financing renewable projects in El Salvador and throughout Latin America

Alejandro Alle is currently a Managing Director at The Network Company in El Salvador with more than 35 years experience in energy. He is a mechanical engineer with a career that started with a specialization in nuclear engineering scholarship at the Argentine National Board of Atomic Energy in 1987. Since then, Alejandro has worked as the General Manager at Puma El Salvador (Trafigura), co-founded Quantum Energy and was Executive Director of Energía del Pacífico. Read more →