4 States That Secretly Have Big Clean Energy Policies

Key Takeaways: Nevada aims for aggressive 2030 targets Arkansas & South Carolina pass progressive clean energy legislation Maine unleashes wind potential and revamps net metering policy, States like California and New York tend to grab headlines when it comes to setting ambitious new climate targets or reporting growth in the renewables sector. Flying beneath the Read more →

Renewable Energy Growth Trend Factors in 2019

Key Takeaways: Deloitte.com has released its 2019 Renewable Energy Industry Outlook Positive trends showing despite challenges down the road Three key trends are identified as part of the 2019 (and beyond) outlook The renewable energy growth trend in the energy sector continues despite the hurdle of new import tariffs. The costs of wind and solar Read more →

NREL Offers Resources to Help Achieve Green Energy Goals

The Path to 100% renewable energy transition requires a tailored approach depending on the current energy system, weather, regulations, funding, population, energy use patterns, and land availability of a community, region or campus. The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) offers help to local, state and tribal government and universities with specific sets of tools to Read more →