Fortune 1000 Corporations Going Big on Renewables

At-A-Glance: Nearly 200 corporations have signed a global commitment to utilize 100% renewable energy.  A joint report from Wood Mackenzie and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) shows it’s more than an altruistic commitment to combating climate change – it’s an economic play, as well.   Key Takeaways: Wood Mackenzie report says corporate renewables have Read more →

Forecasting the Weather is Crucial as Renewable Energy Capacity Grows

At-A-Glance:  Forecasting the weather takes on a whole new level of importance as more renewables come online and utilities deal with ever-changing weather patterns.   Key Takeaways: Increased solar and wind generation capacity challenges conventional ways of managing supply and demand Sophisticated algorithms and third-parties play a critical role in weather forecasting Flexibility and energy Read more →

How Load Flexibility, in Conjunction with Renewables, Could Save Billions while Satisfying Peak Demand

At-A-Glance: A recent Brattle Report dives deep into Load Flexibility – which is something power plants have been using alongside an increasing reliance on renewables so they can “start-and-stop” on short notice during peak hours of demand (depending when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, etc.). Key Takeaways: Widespread load flexibility could Read more →