5 May 2020 10:00 AM PST


Webinar on-demand
DURATION: 52 minutes

Bold policy initiatives have made California a global leader in renewable energy, but what are the next steps to achieve its 100% carbon-free electricity target? Listen to a panel of experts discuss policy recommendations and technologies to help California reach its ambitious renewable energy goals five years faster and save ratepayers $8 billion.

This virtual event builds on the March webinar, “California’s Faster, Cheaper Path to 100% Clean Power,” where Wärtsilä energy experts presented an “Optimal Path” forward for the state based on the whitepaper, “Path to 100% Renewables for California.”

Speakers will discuss challenges and progress towards California’s clean power goals, and present policy recommendations to help the state take advantage of the “Optimal Path.” In response to attendee questions from the previous webinar, modelling scenarios with hydrogen and synthetic methane as renewable fuel options will be presented.

How can California meet its renewable energy goals early while saving billions? Find out May 5.

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Cortney Piper
Piper Communications





Karl Meeusen
Senior Advisor, Infrastructure & Regulatory Policy
California Independent System Operator




Joseph Ferrari
General Manager, Utility Market Development, North America




Jan Smutny-Jones
Independent Energy Producers Association