14 July 2020 12:30 PM BRT


Webinar on-demand
DURATION: 55 minutes

The world is moving towards a 100% renewable based power systems. The intermittent nature of wind and solar challenges the current practices of operations and planning of the grids as increases the need of flexible and dispatchable power generation. Flexibility turns out to be a key feature of future power systems and creates a friendly environment for the deployment of large scale renewable grids. Understanding the role and the value of such feature is important when defining policies and regulations for the procurement of flexibility in the long term planning.

In this webinar, speakers will discuss:

  • The role of system flexibility in the transition to 100% renewable energy.
  • What is called Flexibility.
  • How flexibility is important in Hydro based countries, such as the Brazilian reference case.
  • Recommendations for the procurement of flexibility.

Presented by:

Amaro Pereira
Professor of Energy Economics
Gabriel Cavados
Senior Manager, Project Development
Wärtsilä Energy Business
Aniella Descalzi
Renewable Energy Consultant
Gabriel Cunha
Project Manager