Navigating the transition to a clean energy future is once again the focus of the 2022 Latin America Energy Forum.

Latin America is filled with experts, organizations and government leaders committed to accelerating the path to decarbonization. This event, set for March 16-18 in Washington, DC, promises to bring together those leaders with international investors, developers and service providers. 

Several leaders from the Path to 100% community are attending the event, including Leonardo Beltran, a non-resident fellow at the Institute of the Americas, and executive fellow of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. 

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Many Latin American countries have outlined ambitious plans to be carbon-free in the next three decades. While the optimal Path to 100% will differ for every country, we outline the basic steps here. 

A recent Wärtsilä white paper shows how a 100% carbon neutral power system is realistically achievable for Chile by 2050, or even sooner.

The conference includes both panel discussions on key topics and interactive boardrooms where collaboration and networking are encouraged.

Among the topics on the agenda, Wärtsilä’s Karl Meeusen will take part in a discussion on how to better integrate renewable energy sources while maintaining a stable grid. Topics also include how climate change will test the resilience of the grid and options for managing battery storage of both wind and solar energy output.

Silvia Zumarraga, General Manager Market Development for Wärtsilä, will look at the role of gas in transitioning to a 100% clean energy future, including the potential rewards for liquified natural gas.

Leonardo Beltran will be part of a boardroom discussion on what support is needed, from governments, the private sector, and international institutions to make the energy transition possible in all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. They will also look at key climate agreements and projects that will be needed to encourage the transition.

You can learn more information about the conference here.