Clean energy for everyone is Fernando Damonte’s mission. He is the Chief Operating Officer for Quantum America, an international consulting firm specializing in the area of ​​public services, with a strong presence in the Latin American market and expanding to the rest of the world.

In this #PathTalks with host Fernanda Castro, Damonte says he believes that public services are essential not only for life, but also so everyone reaches their full potential. Part of achieving that is ensuring that everyone in the world has access to clean, renewable energy. He says to achieve 100% renewable energy, we cannot expect the authorities to do it themselves in their own time, we need to create social, horizontal, distributed movements that begin to generate clean energy in a distributed manner, that store energy in their vehicles and in batteries in their homes. He founded IRIS to help energy consumers in Argentina to become protagonists of the energy market.

Fernando Damonte is part of the Path to 100%. Read more here.