#PathTalks: The Path to decarbonization in Honduras

Globally, renewable energy sources are becoming the vertebral column of energy systems. Our market development experts have studied and modeled the Honduras power system and the results demonstrate the Central American country can save millions of dollars by incorporating renewable energy when balanced by flexible thermal capacity and maintaining reliability while decreasing CO2 emissions. In Read more →

The Optimal Path to Decarbonization for Puerto Rico

The path to 100 percent clean energy is practical, possible and even affordable for Puerto Rico by 2050. However, this decarbonization journey will require optimization of both short-term and long-term storage to achieve Puerto Rico’s ambitious goals. The thing to keep in mind is that just adding renewables will not do the job. Read more →

Q&A Series: Alejandro Alle discusses importance of financing renewable projects in El Salvador and throughout Latin America

Alejandro Alle is currently a Managing Director at The Network Company in El Salvador with more than 35 years experience in energy. He is a mechanical engineer with a career that started with a specialization in nuclear engineering scholarship at the Argentine National Board of Atomic Energy in 1987. Since then, Alejandro has worked as the General Manager at Puma El Salvador (Trafigura), co-founded Quantum Energy and was Executive Director of Energía del Pacífico. Read more →

28 July 2021

Chile, towards a future of 100% Renewable Energy

The Chilean energy landscape is in transition towards more sustainable systems, driven by the withdrawal of coal and the incorporation of renewable energies in the system, demanding flexibility solutions. During this webinar we will present the new version of the study "Towards a 100% Renewable Energy Future", and we will analyze with local and international specialists the path towards a carbon neutral system.

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28 July 2021

Chile, hacia un futuro de Energía 100% Renovable

El panorama energético chileno está en transición hacia sistemas más sostenibles, impulsado por el retiro del carbón y la incorporación de energías renovables en el sistema, demandando soluciones de flexibilidad. Durante este webinar presentaremos la nueva versión del estudio "Hacia un futuro de Energías 100% Renovables", y analizaremos con especialistas locales e internacionales el camino hacia un sistema carbono neutral.

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Path to 100% experts share the latest developments fueling the renewable energy transition

March 16, 2021

The renewable energy transition is complex, but it is possible, practical and affordable. That is the topic global smart technology leader, Wärtsilä, will explore during the S&P Global Platts Central America and Caribbean Energy Webinar March 18. Energy Business Director, Latin America North, Wärtsilä Energy, Sampo Suvisaari; Business Development Manager, Latin America North, Raúl Carral Read more →

Path to 100% – Especialistas compartilham os mais recentes desenvolvimentos que estimulam a transição para a energia renovável

March 16, 2021

A transição para a energia renovável é complexa, mas é possível, prática e acessível. Esse é o tópico que o líder global em tecnologia inteligente, Wärtsilä, irá explorar durante o S&P Global Platts Central America and Caribbean Energy Webinar (Webinar de Energia da América Central e do Caribe da S&P Global Platts), no dia 18 de março. Sampo Suvisaari, Diretor de Negócios de Energia, Norte da América Latina, Wärtsilä Energy; Raúl Carral, Gerente de Desenvolvimento de Negócios, Norte da América Latina; e Francisco Picasso, Gerente de Desenvolvimento de Negócios, América Central e Caribe, discutirão estratégias de descarbonização. Read more →