Interconnect California Webinar Series Part Two: Advancing California’s Faster, Cheaper Path to 100% Renewable Power

How can California accelerate the path to 100 percent renewable power and save billions of dollars in the process? On May 5, Wärtsilä hosted a webinar, “Advancing California’s Faster, Cheaper Path to 100% Renewable Power,” where energy experts presented new findings from an updated study, “Path to 100% Renewables for California,” and addressed policy recommendations about the best path forward for the state. Read more →

Wärtsilä leads discussion of policy issues affecting California’s push for 100% clean power

May 4, 2020

If California is to reach its renewable energy and emission targets as quickly and inexpensively as possible, some key policy issues will need to be addressed. Energy experts will explain the issues as outlined in an updated white paper during a webinar, Advancing California’s Faster, Cheaper Path to 100% Renewable Power, hosted by Wärtsilä on 5 May 2020. Read more →

Pathways Towards 100% Carbon Reduction for Electric Utility Power Systems

Across the country, electric utilities and government agencies are pushing for a 100 percent carbon-free energy future. At Wärtsilä, we are passionate about leading the transition to renewable energy, as we help our customers optimize their energy systems and future-proof their assets everyday. Our “path to 100%” initiative is an essential step in the right Read more →

Making 100% Clean Energy Goals a Reality

In this episode, Path to 100% community expert Jussi Heikkinen of Wärtsilä and hosts from Greentech Media’s Interchange podcast explore the causes and consequences of this 100% trend. Countries, states, cities, utilities and corporations are all setting increasingly ambitious targets for clean energy. There are lots of variations on the theme: 100% renewable energy, 100% clean Read more →

A Look Back at Interconnect: Austin, a Path to 100% Forum

Interconnect Austin in Review The first Path to 100 Forum, Interconnect Austin, campaign was held in Austin, Texas on the University of Texas campus on September 24, 2019. We had a diverse range of attendees from across city officials, utility professionals, IPP’s, academia, and students. Two panels, both moderated by Richard Amato (Director or Energy Read more →

Siting Solar to Benefit Wildlife

The transition to clean energy is in large part a result of the desire to improve the environment. Siting solar farms on land already in use – such as landfills, building rooftops, and, covered parking – is an innovated way to ensure coexistence with wildlife. It reduces pressure on undeveloped land, animals and plants. Coexistence Read more →

Q&A Series: Jonathan Crawford speaks on Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), How States are Doing on RPS Targets, and Properly Using Data to Chart a Realistic Path to 100%

As Head of Research at EnerKnol, Jonathan Crawford oversees EnerKnol's portfolio of weekly research publications, drawing from a decade of experience reporting on U.S. energy policy and markets. Previously he served as reporter at Bloomberg News, heading up coverage of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Read more →

Transitioning to Renewable Energy Gains Momentum

The clean energy transition continues to gain pace. Wind Power Statistics The state of Texas now ranks first in the nation for installed wind capacity and number of turbines, according to the US Energy Information Administration. (EIA, July 2019) At least one installed wind turbine can be found in 41 states. Naturally, as the saying Read more →