The Path to 100% global community continues to grow as more countries set their sights on decarbonization. Each region offers innovative insight and a commitment to reach a renewable energy future.


The energy landscape across Europe is changing towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. Our vision is a sustainable future made from 100% renewable energies, but we still have a long way to go to achieve this vision. However, renewable energy is rapidly replacing legacy fuels and the interest in zero-carbon solutions is dominating conversations around the world. Meet our Experts and follow our events to be part of the discussions that will bring us closer to achieving a Path to 100%.

Latin America

Latin America is filled with experts, organizations and government leaders committed to accelerating the path to decarbonization. The Path to 100% community and initiative has connected the exchange of innovation and information across regions to overcome language barriers for a united vision for a renewable energy future.

North America

The United States is a global leader in renewable energy with the second largest installed capacity in the world. Given the scale and depth of its energy market, the US has the economic and technological potential to scale-up renewable energy at an unprecedented rate. Exciting innovations and renewable energy experts are accelerating the path to decarbonization. Meet our Experts from the U.S. and stay up to date with the events designed to keep the discussion evolving as we strive for the Path to 100%.