The RMI report is robust, covering everything from renewables to reinventing cities as part of their seven pillars of tackling energy & climate issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • RMI’s report encapsulates renewables as being part of the mix in addressing the challenges in energy transformation
  • The report frames the conversation in terms of realistic transformations within current technology & modelling
  • “Electrification with renewable power” seen as one of the key ways to rapidly change the global energy paradigm


Path to 100% Perspective:

Known for their detailed analysis coupled with an ability to deliver information in an easy-to-read format, RMI delivers a robust report that is both highly informative and succinct all at once.  Addressing all seven challenge points with infographics and data dashboards, readers gain an even higher-level understanding of how the path to 100% renewables fits in to the larger transformative argument.  Interact with the web-based version of the report, as well as download the PDF “Seven Challenges for Energy Transfornation Report” on the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) website.