Ways2H, a global producer of renewable hydrogen, and Ford, Bacon & Davis, a leader in energy facility engineering, procurement and construction, will design and build modular waste-to-hydrogen facilities in California in the final quarter of 2020. Other facilities throughout the country are planned in 2021 to produce renewable hydrogen fuel for customers in the mobility and power generation sectors. To learn more, read “Waste to deliver green hydrogen in California.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The waste-to-hydrogen approach converts waste, including medical waste, municipal solid waste, plastics, agricultural residue and/or wastewater sludge into renewable hydrogen, with a net zero-carbon footprint.
  • Ways2H CEO Jean-Louis Kindler said, “Our goal is to improve the global environment by producing carbon-negative hydrogen, while offering sustainable waste disposal. This collaboration with Ford, Bacon & Davis will help us achieve those goals, while supplying the United States with another clean fuel and power option to meet growing demand.”

Path to 100% Perspective:

This California facility will be the first modular waste-to-hydrogen production facility in the country. Additionally, it will only be Ways2H’s second transportable, modular waste-to-hydrogen unit, after the company completes work on its first commercial modular waste-to-hydrogen project currently underway in Japan. This announcement indicates a brighter future for sustainability and meeting renewable energy goals in California.


Photo: JBEC/Tsubasa Engineering