The Path to 100% clean energy transition puts more people to work to meet the evolving needs of business, government and consumers.

A 2019 report by the Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs (as reported on by the Energy News Network) shows the top clean energy employer in the Midwest is still the energy efficiency sector producing products such as double-paned windows, insulation, smart thermostats, and power sensors. It is responsible for 526,800 out of the total 737,031 clean energy jobs in the region.

The report covered by the Energy News Network goes on to identify several factors that drive the creation of tens of thousands of additional clean energy jobs in varying Midwestern states:

  1. Strong manufacturing base.
    Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana were in the top four last year for clean energy employment in the center of the U.S. This is according to data collected for the 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report. All three have strong manufacturing to produce components used in the advanced transportation and manufacturing supply chain sectors. Advanced transportation is the transition to alternative and renewable fuels for transportation. It also describes the move to technologies used in hybrid and electronic vehicles.
  2. Strong state and federal policies.
    State and community approved energy standards or emission-reduction goals also drive clean energy job growth in Midwestern states, such as Illinois.
  3. Utility commitments.
    More electric utilities are contributing to growth as they add solar and wind power to their generation portfolios.

What We’re Reading: “Auto, Manufacturing help drive clean energy job growth in the Midwest” by Andy Balaskovitz, as published on the Energy News Network with reference to the Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs Report